VGA switch & Balun


Shock Proof Body
Fine Finish
Rust Proof
2 Way VGA Switch

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4 Channels Passive UPT Balun

4 Port / Channel Video Receiver / Transmitter
4 passive transceivers in one product
4 x BNC Female to 1 x RJ45 Female + 8 Pin
Choice of RJ45 or push pin terminal
Up to 1200 Feet Transmission Distance using Cat-5
Cost savings by replacing costly coaxial cable
No power required

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1 Channels Passive UPT Balun

Comes as a Pair (Receiver & Transceiver)
BNC Passive Balun
1200 Feet Transmission Distance
Supports UTP Cat 2, 3, 4, 5e, 6; 12~24 AWG or Heavier
Compact Design with BNC ends
Cost savings by replacing costly coaxial cable
Runs Power, Video, and Audio over a single CAT5
Can be used to run just Video & power also

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