Terms and condition...

We offer 1-year Warranty. Starts form Dec-2017 for all ACTIVE CCTV products except HDD’s (1 year). The warranty period starts from the date of shipment from ACTIVE CCTV.

For repairing of products within warranty period, please see the 
Maintenance Policy as bellows.

The warranty does not apply to equipments or parts damaged by

§  Improper handling, negligence, regular damages or hits, accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, water, etc.

§  Misuse of products out of its operation range listed on the specification or user manuel, such as wrong electrical power plug-in, storage or working temperture exceeds its limit, direct touch on the surface of CCD sensor, etc. 

§  Modification, maintenance or repair of the products not performed by ACTIVE CCTV, or its authorized service centers or authorized technicians.

§  All products within the standard warranty period, except void of warranty items, will be repaired for free.

§  Products outside standard warrant period, as well as void of warranty items will be repaired at reasonable cost. The repair cost estimate will be informed to the customer before proceeding. 

§  The standard repair within warranty does not cover product refurbishment, including fixing the surfaces of products, changing boxes and packaging material, replacing wires, refilling accessories, etc. If customers require product refurbishment, we will send the cost estimate for their confirmation.